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Monday, August 6, 2012

Don't Know About Ya'll

But I think this world has gone off its rocker. I just don't understand this society because I grew up in a world of folks worked their tails off with little time for play or wrong doing.

Here are some things that chap my arse:

1.  Romney doesn't have to release his tax returns because he doesn't have to by law. I will not however support a man that is not open and honest about his personal finances. Why you ask?  Simple, after 20 years of living under the rule of law that encouraged my financial responsibility at risk of jail time, loss of rank, loss of job, and loss of benefits.  I just can not support a man who would hide behind the guise of being a private citizen when he is trying to become the leader of the free world. 

2. Chic-a-Fila: Never liked their sandwiches to begin with but, I will not go to a staged sit in or protest kiss in because really we are missing the point.  The owner of that business does not support gay marriage.  That is fine and good; I do not support a business that denies everyone equal rights.  I spend my monies where I want.

Now, here is where I have another problem with this controversy.  I worked in a industry that denied rights to gay peoples for 20 years.  I am fully aware because of all those who served silently because I too kept secrets for the good of a few.  The gay and lesbians I worked with, it is their good deeds that lead to the military being an all inclusive workplace now.  However, the military will almost certainly still discriminate against other persons due to some idealogical or physical reason.  That is just the nature of being in the military.

3.  I fully support the right to own or carry a weapon legally.  I do not however, think we as a whole have the right to arm ourselves with weapons capable of killing and injuring dozens of people who are exercising their right to: worship, attend a rally or entertainment venue.  What the hell is wrong with our folks?  I know there are many arguments to be had on this subject.  I just feel that if our system of mental health care system was available for all citizen then; maybe we would not be having 8,000 people killed a year by gun violence.   I see how those in Syria are being slaughtered by their government.  How is this any different than the people who lose their live in the United States every day?

4.  Personal responsibility or the lack thereof:
This is what I see when dealing with folks today.  No one understands that -- the mistakes or judgements one makes in his/her 20s and beyond, will follow him/her forever. I keep telling our older sons; what you do now in your life will follow you everywhere.  It seems our society has forgotten this concept.  Personally, I am taking it upon myself to break this cycle and teach Saenz & Zephyr to do things right the first time, work hard, expect nothing for free, follow the rules, question authority respectfully and admit when they screw something up.

So what do ya'll think?
///Steps off Egg Crate///
Chicken Momma

PS.  It is nice to be back!


Aimee said...

I think you are extremely sensible and I can't argue with any of the above. Rock on!

Cesar Crash said...

Oh yeah! For sure, Mal, it's really, really nice to see you back!
This is the world we live in, the way people chose it to be, conscious or unconciously.
I love when you say "Never liked their sandwiches to begin with but..."

Jen said...

I was missing you. For just this reason. #3 can be applied to so many of our freedoms that people take for granted or abuse.
It's a sad time we live in and I'm with you on making sure my children know better and better then I ever did.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thank you Aimee! Glad to see you stopped by for a spell. Rock on too! Girlfriend

HEY!!!! Cesar, I sent you an email but, I figure you must be swamped. Hugs and Slugs....Hee hee

JEN, How is the little one? Matter of fact girl just email me. I miss your blog.

Rooster613 said...

Well said. I also won't vote for Romney-Ryan either, because they are both such irresponsible idiots when it comes to the environment and developing alternative energy technologies -- see Vote Romney-Ryan and kill the planet! on my blog for details. And frankly, I don't think that a guy who is building an elevator in his garage can EVER understand my daily struggles to make ends meet. Note how Mrs. Romney managed to turn a discussion about whether or not she understood the daily struggles of poor people into an "attack" on stay-at-home moms. It was not about staying home, it was about POVERTY -- how hard it is for a working-class single mom to make ends meet, take care of the kids, etc.

O the gay-lesbian thing, I've probably been a hypocrite, in that I continue to be involved in Boy Scouts even though they discriminate. But one must make choices, and Cub Scouts has been really good for my grandson (whom I sponsor, since his Dad works full time and is just too tired to go to events). As for Chik-Fil-Ay, I'm a vegetarian, so a boycott by me wouldn't mean anything.

I think your stand on guns is sensible. The "right to bear arms" originally meant a knife, sword, pistol, shotgun or a hunting rifle but I doubt the founding fathers meant for everyone to have assault rifles and the kind of automatic weapons we see used in these attacks.

Kathy B said...

All I can say about everything you stated is Amen. Stopping by to say Hi from the blog hop. Come visit sometime, tea is cold and no shoes are required. Kathy B. http://www.southernmadeintheshade.blogspot.com New follower from Austin TX