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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The 47% Who Are Really The 96%

We have all benefitted from government basically except for some children who's parents have not gotten them into the system yet.  Why is this a bad thing -- or perceived as a bad thing by the uber conservatives. 

Personally, I do not believe it is a bad thing to have Pell Grants to educate our masses. Those educated join the work force in a myriad of jobs to include the social net of helping others.  Tax credits to help parents ease the financial burden of raising children does just that: help parents to keep children in a safe secure environment in which they too will eventually join the work force. There are millions of veterans (myself included) who have taken advantage of veterans programs especially college tuition/grants. All these forms of 'government' hand ups just keep the economy moving and people working.  These 'hand outs' are not a form of social welfare Republicans are touting as a killer to our economy but, an investment in America's future.

What was/is killing our economy was living above our collective means as nation was running up credit card and buying into weak mortgage markets just to have the American dream.  Our economy is going to have to pay for the ridiculously high cost of health care and higher education.  Also sending our manufacturing jobs overseas to push corporate profits higher just because we wanted cheaper goods. (think Wal-Mart, steel jobs, car makers etc)

Finally, banker barons or wall street executives driving profits in the name 'stacked' investments and then payrolling the whole scheme through multiple layers of ponzi schemes.  Basically they were robbing Peter to pay Paul.    

Really the whole economic picture is a lot brighter or dimmer than one thinks.  It all is just a matter of prospective.  I am happy to leave you with this:
This is Sid, working his hind parts off in Eagle Pass (3 hours from home) building a casino hotel.  He is part of the 96% who is striving for a better life working 60 hours a week plus continuing his education at the same time. 
I am proud of him!

////signed Momma Hen////


Rooster613 said...

Agreed. This is what Obama meant when he said if you have a business, you did not build it by yourself. Somebody (or lots of somebodies) built the roads, railroads, airports, harbors, communications systems, trucks, planes, etc. that make your business possible - as Obama went on to clearly explain. Romney purposely took that out of context (as he often does) to make it into a put-down of entrepreneurs. Not so. We ALL benefit from government in some way - if only to be very glad the police, firefighters, National Guard, rescue workers, etc. are there when and if we need them.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Did you watch last night's debate? I must have seen something different than all the media pundits. I really don't understand how 'Romney' supposedly won. I seen him as arrogant and stiff bordering on condescending at times. Obama must have had his mind on his anniversary he was not his normal self. Can't wait til next week's VEEP debate.

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