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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Look At My Handsome Boys (Men)

This passed quarter has been quite busy with both our both moving back into our home.  Junio (top) has found work in the oil and gas industry working for Lufkin.  Sid sporting really sharp pink shirt in support of breast cancer awareness is working for Arrowhead.  They are both clocking around 50 to 60 hours a week which is nice for a paycheck -- them being gainly employed leaves us missing them at home. If I hear one more person say that Texas is a great place to work; I think I will scream.

Yes, Texas has jobs for those whom wish to work in dangerous industries.  Texas has a plethora of low wage jobs that do not offer full time hours and of course no health benefits.  Both boys took minimum wages jobs until they were picked up in their new positions.  I am so proud of Sid and Junior for stepping up and learning new trades.  We just have to keep praying for their safety.

Can you believe it is only one more week until the national elections? I am so tired of the hype on the airwaves these last 6 (yes, I said SIX) years.  Personally I have a hard time believing anything thing put out by the media about how close the race is between Obama and Romney.  How in the hell does the GOP get people to vote against their own best interest?  Would someone try to explain it to me without getting nasty or rude.

I hope all of ya'll are safe and happy!
Stoking the homefires and lighting jack o'lanterns.


S. J. Qualls said...

Handsome indeed!

Politics - Argh, bleep mudslinger!

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