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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Not so Informed, We are Just Entertained

Today Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am in mourning for America.

     With the advent of the 24-hour news cycle in the 90s, the assumption should support a well-informed American public.  This however is not the case.  Look at what is on your cable networks, with the shutdown of Al Jazeera – America, the public look for information about the world are down to:
1.      CNN (supports Clinton or Trump’s shenanigans.)
2.      Fox News (supports the conservative right.)
3.      MSNBC (supports the progressive left.)

4.      HLN (covers trials, forensic files, and other pop culture snippets)
Now for the other offerings are 4 channels with business news, 2 weather channel, 2 channels to cover the House and Senate.  No wonder Americans are so uninformed. Our news broadcasts have become a pop culture and entertainment industry.  There is no place on our cable (DIRECTV network) to check in for information based upon empirical fact-based information.  I miss the day of NPR, Current, and now sadly Al Jazeera-America.

     I will not bow down through and become a mindless drone that is spoon-fed information by entertainers as fact.  I will go to other sources to stay informed about my community, national issues and our world.  For the record, I am teaching our sons how to find information using the internet.  I just hope those who take the time to read; do the same. 

Sad and disgusted,
Nekkid Chicken
Twitter: Nekkid Chicken@saenzmom

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