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Friday, April 29, 2016

By Chance Meetings On Social Media

Our world is changing and I believe it is a great thing in many. 

      I have met through social media many talented people as well as a few arses. It may be true even that for some social media keeps us apart while, for myself it does not. I actually learn more and meet folks online since we live in a very rural area and going into town daily is not feasible.  

      Today, by chance through Twitter I found a Kick starter fund raising request for a new short film called "Scythe" by Jim Rothman. So, I am a noisy person and through asking questions found one of his brilliant films called "Minutes" on YouTube. It is only 17 minutes long and will gut you. People are flawed, we all have our prejudices. We often pre-judge others by the behaviors we 'usually' are guilty of as far as judgement mistakes. 

This is what stuck out for me.

     When sitting in the Clinic, Jacob (Rothman) sees a man (Michael McDonald) he passed judgement on before. This man, John turns his head and Jacob sees a sore on the back of John's neck.  Jacob's physical reaction is palpable since, he may be viewing a piece of his own future.  I am not going to give much away because the film is only 17 minutes.  It is so worth your time to check it out.  I will will use the film later as a discussion point for our sons about compassion. 

This quote stands out 
    "Does it hurt?" asks Jacob.
    "Only the Solitude." answers John.
(I actually teared up again.)

Jim Rothman

I am going back to find his other work / films.

So I leave you with "Minutes" by John Rothman

Rothman's next project is 'Scythe' which, you can search for on Kick Starter's website by clicking the name in this sentence. Then type Scythe into the search menu. 

Nekkid Chicken


S. J. Qualls said...

I still wait for 'unlimited' service with internet. Sounds interesting though. How nice to 'see' you again, Mal!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Howdy Sharon, Unlimited only means up to a certain amount. LOL I miss you lady.