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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have You Ever Watched A Star Be Born?

The other night, while flipping channels I stopped on the new auditions of America's Got Talent.  Let me tell you; I was blown away by this unassuming man named Ryan Andreas. 

It was magical; he had no experience and you could tell his nerves were with him at the interview.  When he paused to calm his nerves before he sang; I got a little worried so, I said a little prayer of hope.  Then magic happened; here he's singing 'Angel,' by Sarah Mclachlan.  His version and voice were so beautiful; I was moved to tears and chill bumps.  He made this lovely iconic song his own; one day I hope to sing this song as a duet by both artists.

Ryan Andreas

Do yourself a favor; to get the full effect.  Let it stream completely! before starting this video. Amazing


floweringmama said...

That is one of my favorite songs!

Sharon said...

No, I didn't see it, but I have heard nothing but good things about this new singer!

Jim said...

Oh Mal! Yes we saw that last week and were both in tears with this one. This song has a 'significant' meaning for Ron. This guy is great and I think he IS the one to beat!
FYI....Sarah McLachlan is from here in good ole Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Thanks for posting this.

Janet said...

Reminded me a little of Chris Rea -wonderful distinctive voice. x

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Nekkid Chicken said...

It is a very haunting song isn't it, flowering? You know immediately by just the first few bars.

Sharon, He is my pick as the winner. I picked Kevin Skinner; the chicken farmer a couple of seasons back. Now I am hoping this young man grows into his God given talent.

Jim, Stunning eh? I was so moved I was bawling like a baby. So unbelievable to be watching the 'birth' of a career. So moving to be in the presense of such beauty. FYI, I love Sarah's works. Go Halifax!

Janet, I just hope his personality and humbleness does not change. Then again; I think he has an innocence which may not be corruptable. I hope. :O)

Thanks Essay, Nice to meet ya. I will pop over to your place and poke about. Welcome! Mal

Diane said...

I don't watch this show so sometimes I miss great performers. Thanks for sharing it with me.