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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do You Sometimes Question The Need

For posting a blog?  Really, I have been thinking about it and questioning need and/or desire to write.  At the time I started this blog; I was full of piss and vinegar ready to rant about things in my wayward mind.   Now, I am looking back and wondering just what is the use of this blog.  Things here are pretty durn quiet for us as a family.

We have a routine.  Dad leaves at 4 am and doesn't return until near 5 pm/later. He may work overtime plus, there are workdays on the weekend. The boys sleep in til, I get them up for school.  I use the mornings for focus, prayer, or meditation before trudging along in my daily chores -- sneak a soak in the tub.  Really; we are not exciting people at all. 

So why the need for a blog when the most exciting thing in our week or lately months is a rain fall equating to nearly 1/2 inch over two days of blessed grace.

Personally, I can not come up with a reason other than the occassional fellowship found by visiting others.  Week in and week out; we are pretty much contained within our little five acres.  Our animals with the exception of Banjo are not pets but, future food items.  Our garden is pretty much ready to be plowed under for a second planting.  I am not an exciting world chef, canning expert, sewing diva so why post about what others do better?  I am just a plain ole middle-aged woman devoted to our family life.

Most days when I check in here; I can see no one visiting from the stats page.

So what do ya'll think; what's the purpose of this blog?


Sharon said...

Oh, dear, sounds like a bit of a burn out. :(

You have lots of followers, but this IS Summer, and unlike me with my net service issues, lots of people are busy, I noticed it kind of comes and goes with the seasons, the holidays, and some people actually go on vacation.

You are interesting, you have beautiful boys that do all sorts of fun things, you have lots going on!

I didn't catch how your building came out - did it get wired and all glamorous or become a shop?

Toodles now, my battery is about dead. Argh! Have a great day!

T.L. Ryder said...

This is one of the things that makes me miss livejournal. Now it's pretty dead, but at its height you could get really great community there of people doing everyday journaling about their lives. There was no requirement to be a super blogger or anything, it was just friendly people sharing their lives. The friends page feature made it very easy to keep up with other people.

Blogging is much harder.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Sharon, I really think we need a vacation off the yard so, to speak.

Let's see the Shed was supposed to be purchased to convert into a home for Lisa while; she lived here and contributed to the upgrade. However, once the daily toil of our daily mundane life set in. She helped not one thin dime and packed back up to her mom's house so, she could dream of a better life whilst helping her mom and brothers live.

I think we are living in a bubble basically and just need a change of direction and focus. Thanks for the comment about being interesting. I find myself rather dull in comparision to your wry wit.

Take care,
Hope the internet issue works out for you soon!

Nekkid Chicken said...


You ain't never lied! LOL This place at times is slower than a turtle in winter. Then again, I am no spring hare either. BTW love your blog and added you to my list. :O) Mal

Texan said...

Been there...had a blog before the one I have now. I deleted it and didn't blog for quite a while after that. Thought I was done blogging. Had burn out.

Hind sight, I should have just let it sit till I was ready to blog again LOL. That is what I would do if and when I feel I need a blogging break again :O) and I am sure I will eventually find myself there.

Melodie said...

I have been feeling it too girl! I think it is the summer blues for me...I just feel like I am hiding in the cave of AC waiting for summer to pass.The only thing i have to blog about most days is complaining about the heat,lol and no one wants to read that! I have been on a 6 week or better break...we will all be hear when you come back if you need a break!

Cesar Crash said...

"so why post about what others do better?"
I'm really doubious about it...

(Hey Sharon, this is winter for me!)

Cesar Crash said...
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Cesar Crash said...

I mean, have doubts about if do others do it better...

Rooster613 said...

I enjoy your blog. There's no obligation to post all the time, just do it when you feel like it. On my own blog, I post an average of once a week, more in winter, less in summer. I suppose the purpose of any blog is to have a place to write when you feel like writing something. And the fredom to NOT post if you don't want to.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Cesar! I just love your sense of humor and wit.

Thanks Melodie, I just seem to be out of sorts here lately. The heat keeps us house bound most days. Plus we haven't had a vacation off the yard in over 2 years. I need a break! HUGS Girl

Thanks Rooster, I enjoy your blog as well. Sometimes I just feel the need to question my own motives. Helps me learn!