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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Congressional Jackazzez Do It Again

My Gracious! Is anyone watching the store while the thieves are allowed to plunder our nation's monetary coffers?

I am in firm belief that we need to just remove all our congressional leaders from office. Those people are just so out of touch with reality it is ri-damn-diculous. 

"According to the Sunlight Foundation, a watchdog group that pores over congressional expense data, top salaries go to chiefs of staff, who earn around $120,000 a year. But farther down the pay scale, the group says the average salary for a communications director is about $58,000; schedulers average about $41,000 and staff assistants bring in about $30,000 a year."


Now my rant as follows:

These folks are on salary; meaning they are there to work either 10 or 100 hrs kinda like our military men or women.  If these folks are not making enough money shouldn't they either look for another job just like the rest of Americans or their bosses raise their annual salaries to match or near match competitors?  HELL last time I worked 12 hours on and 12 hours off for months on end; I did not get a nice bonus tucked into my paycheck.  As a matter of freaking fact; paychecks would have been delayed for military men and women because our politicians can not pass an annual budget on time. 

Another cause for concern.  Military retirement benefits are on the chopping board again as well as health care premiums for retirees.  I guess it is easy to cut from the life blood of our military working man/woman instead of cutting the fat from legislative arses first.  I am sure without some Senators or Representatives  running around pandering to big business; our American way of life would be in jepardy right?

Think of this ya'll; those Navy Seals who went and hunted down Bin Laden in a foreign country make approximately 60K annually if they are E6s with about 8-15 years of active duty.  Our leaders earn three times as much in annual pay not including benefits; and here is the kicker.  Those Seals will be denied access to care if they retire in 10 or 15 years (only to get 40% of their base pay as a retirement plan at age 57) if Congress gets their way.  Because our Congressional leaders are so busy scratching their own behinds; they fail to realize our men and women give their bodies and souls to serve. 

Then again, I wager to think our legislative branch feels they're in harm's way since they have to deal with occassional paper cut or overtime.  GEESH Give me a break!  Hell, I am willing to do any of their job for half of their salary.  Seriously, doesn't 80K a year sound really good to you.  I would not even ask for any of those perks either.

Grrrrrrrrr, so sick of the bull crap!
Steps off milk crate hands back the microphone.


Texan said...

I will take the seat next to you for that pay gladly! And actually look out for the average American to boot!

Sharon said...

I feel sorry for the 30K salaried workers, no overtime and probably work twice the hours (or more) than the big wigs.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Texan, I really am pissed off of this and the article in your post. Thoroughly disgusting HOA in my opinion. Just don't understand folks at all.

Sharon, 30k is better pay than 19.4K that an enlisted e-2 receives for walking a beat to protect our freedoms eh? At least the aides are in a/c, with computers, technology and know they are sleeping in their own beds at night. Just saying.......

Our entire system is totaly F'd up beyond reason.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Mal, How do you really feel about it? tee hee
Sorry darling. It sucks.
Thank you so much for writing my dd13 we have lost our flash drive. I am having her take a picture of the mail she received and then do a thank you on moms blog. Well, we keep putting it off until we can take a picture. So thank you . I am ever so thankful for your support. My parents are down in your neck of the woods this week I should have bartered something with ya. shoot

Take care. Melissa

Nekkid Chicken said...


LOL I just can't help it or hold back my angst any longer. Then we can either stand up and vote their pampered, pompass, over-paid buttocks out of their chairs or allow them to keep running our country into the ground.

And No Worries on the letter. I will sit down again and write her sometime this week. Trying to wrap up week 8 of our schedule so I can take some time off with the boys. Can you believe this freaking heat? I will pray for rain for all those in the drought areas. We sure need it!