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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Okay, Have Ya'll Been Looking Taxes?

I know I have! I have been knee deep in reading on the IRS.gov and organizing our own reciepts.  No major changes so far this year (2011) though, I believe many changes will be implemented with killing some 'deductions' and 'credits' on individual family' tax bills in or after 2012.  Like the child tax credit will go away or be cut in half for those with children under 17.  I will let ya'll know if I find any major rehauls of the tax code as I discover them.

Who knows with the dragging of congressional feet in the attempts of getting President Obama kicked out of office.  It has been stated since he won the election in 2008 the WHOLE GOAL of Republicans was to make him a one term president. I find this incredible because our leaders were hired to work for their constituents.  Instead Republicans block all attempts Obama tries even if it was a Republican goal. 

Now this pisses in my cheerios because I have long voted for Republicans as a Libertarian minded person. I believe folks can stand on their own feet for the most part but, firmly support Social Security for those over 62.  I also believe in Medicaid for children, the aged, and those with disablities who can not work.  Sure there are those who need a hand up when losing a job  or some other event in the event of medical necessity but, it should not take 2 years to find a job.  I do not believe in permanent welfare for those 'choosing' to pump out children.  I also do not believe minimum wage is what the economy (the rest of us) should advocate tossing those on public assistance onto low paying jobs as a solution.


For my new friend Moonqueenfashions,  I have a book for you if interested.  It is called 'Nickel and Dimed,' by Barbara Ehrenreich just email me for details. 

I know of your displeasure of seeing folks whom you feel are gaming the system of entitlements or government hand outs. Personally, I too know of a couple of people who have used those gov programs to live without putting in a honest days work.  It chaps my arse too.  However, I have to let that angst go, press on, and teach my sons about the need to support themselves & plan for their future. 

For the 2 or 3 people who 'game' the system; I believe there are 100s who really want to work and do what is necessary to support themselves and family.  I also have a stinking suspicion that the deck is stacked to keep the general populace ignorant, quiet, out of touch with their leaders and too busy to notice the mayhem swirling over them.  Who has time in this busy world to question the non-sense spoon-fed by media outlets? 

Next point,

All I do know is, the squeaky wheel gets oiled first.  Those who are protesting in the Occupy movements have the right idea.  They are just demanding their government listen to them.  I do not agree with some of the ideals protestors espouse but, I do believe in their rights to assemble to get their voices heard without being violently peppered sprayed or deadly force used on unarmed citizens.  I have looked at my belief system and ideology; it is the soldier in me that will consistently defend those whom my inner voice says is weaker and needs support.

I am my brothers' keeper. 

This is what I teach my sons and will continue to do so.


Cat said...

I know some of the stuff on taxes, but mostly I stay out of it, in that, I check it, but husband does the actual math part. That is where I make cookies, put them next to him and quietly leave, shutting the door so as not to awaken the bear with a migraine. :) That being said, I agree with the part about the one term president part. When the various voice boxes for the GOP say that they will do anything to send the president away after one term, it kind of makes me wonder what part of "governance" they missed in school... That smacks much more of "p*ssing contest", IMHO. And the media bit. Oi! I know one local official, some years ago, was painted as a total female dog, loony tunes type. I was in an accident, and she asked to see my Mother and I about our insurance. I was shuddering, thinking, did I really want to talk to this goofball? Not only was she NOT a goofball, she was extremely vivacious, bright, and had a deep grasp of the problem we were having with the insurance company. I now take anything about any person the media demonizes, or beatifies, with a large old shaker of salt...

As far as Occupy... Well, I was for them at the start, but I really think that they need some sort of main idea. It's hard to be behind a movement that sort of follows the idea of, "What are you protesting?" "What do ya got?" That has been my impression of the few protesters I have had the chance to talk to. I am sure that there are others with a more informed and concrete agenda, but without at least a GENERAL set of complaints, it seems to be like driving a car with 15 wheels, it may move a lot, but it's hard to get anywhere. Again, just strictly my opinion. Meh.


Sharon said...

Not too sure yet about the taxes, I think we may be unpleasantly surprised when the new stuff starts to affect us.

Our personal taxes will probably be a shock, so many of our old deductions won't be deductions this year, I just hope we paid in enough so we don't have to pay in!

Texan said...

uggggg Taxes... its always such a fun thing to do is it not! uggggg LOL

moonqueenfashions said...

Thanks for being my first "follower," lol. Speaking of taxes, a bit bummed I forgot to apply for STAR! I was so excited to do it, as this is the first year I have qualified as a new homeowner (I have owned my house one year in exactly a week). Frankly my taxes are so low (another reason I bought in the city and not the 'burbs), due to subsidizing I'm sure, I feel a litle guilty getting it anyway. I use the H&R block free tax system online to do my taxes and they always get me a decent amount back - free filing for state and federal. I get to claim myself as a homeowner for the first time this year, and all the perks that go with that, so I'm sure my return will be even better *fingers crossed*. Lord knows I could stand to put some down on my HUGE student loan. Great post, love the "pisses in my Cheerios" comment. I agree the average person does want to contribute, but I also think our educational system and new mode of "I'm my kids friend" parenting is not teaching people how to make the most of their resources (if they are lucky enough to have any). I think a LOT of people, especially 30's and younger, don't know what it is to go without, save, have to buy used, etc because their parents coddled them. For instance, I have an older friend who made about $26k a year. Her adult son lived with her for free despite making as much money as her. She also regularly bought her teenage daughter designer purses and expensive name brand clothes. Her husband was no longer in the picture and didn't contribute monetarily at all. When asked why she said her kids "deserved better than she had." Really? If you want them to do well, teach them to do without and to work hard, save and spend wisely for something they really want, not to think they deserve to have things handed to them or to own expensive stuff they can't really afford. I just started making over $15 an hour last year (the most I've ever made) but when I bought my house I needed NOTHING but a refrigerator and washing machine (both of which I bought interest free for 12 mos then planned the payments to be done before interest was due - thank you Home Depot!). When people asked what I wanted for house warming gifts I laughed. I had pinched pennies and bought stuff here and there so when the time came I furnished a 1350+ sq ft house completely (minus the room I rent to my friend). I even got RID of some stuff (I had been keeping stuff in storage for the future and wound up with too much). I don't understand how people wind up with nothing, short of medical expenses or truly being unable to find a job for a long period of time. So many people my age live with their parents or live in an apt their parents help pay for. If I can have my own place on $11 an hour that's crazy. If they do pay their own way they either have NOTHING due to expensive habits or bad credit, or they have stuff way nicer than what they really need and are broke from the payments. As my dad said "young people these days...think they deserve to have everything their parents have right out of the gate!" so they are hugely in debt right away. I have friends like this. "I have to have a tv in every room and brand new, expensive furniture, dishes and linens, because my parents have all that stuff." They don't think that their parents worked 25 years to have it. So I guess what I'm trying to say is people aren't necessarily intentionally foolish or lazy, but they definitely exhibit a lot of those habits. Just because someone works doesn't necessarily mean thier habits are good for the economy or their fellow man (and I'm also not stricly singling out young people, but I see it worse with them generally). I really fear what will happen when my generation reach that age where most of their parents have passed.

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