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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meet Roux, She Came to Us on Friday

She is part Dashund and Chihuahua.  She weighs less than a full soda can and has just tiny little milk teeth which she uses on our ear lobes or finger tips.   Right now she is sleeping wrapped in an old towel in my desk drawer as I type.  LOL That won't last long but, I forgot how much work babies are to have in the house.  I need to nap when she naps eh?
 Babies can sleep any where?
On Saenz 
 In an Easter basket.
She sleeps every where and at a moments notice.  We have no idea how big she is going to be when full grown.  I don't think that matters; she is a full fledged family member now.

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend.  Will be back for more farm updates coming soon since we have been downsizing quiet a bit.

Take care,


Texan said...

oh my gosh cuteness over load!!!

Kids and Canning Jars said...

I am so happy ya'll got your wish! Here is to the healing powers that be.

Cesar Crash said...


Alessia Scala said...

oh this dog is very nice and lovely!!

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FabNicola said...

She is adorable
Lazy, but adorable!

Christine said...

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Models on the Runway said...

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