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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mr. Salad Fingers 1st Bath

Just to let you know, a Piglet has a really bad odor if he is not allowed a place to defecate at night in the open. We have been keeping him in a dog kennel til we finish his POKE. Each morning, I have been rubbing him down with wet wipes but, he needed a bath desperately. So, this a.m. as a family; we gave Mr. Salad Fingers his first bath.

Let me tell you, the entire country side knew of his displeasure. ROFL
DID YOU KNOW; pigs can jump seriously considering buying him some basketball shoes & shorts to have him try out for the GW Longhorn team.


mixednut555 said...

Someday I have to writ about my pig experience. I KNOW how loud those little buggers can be. Gotta make myself do it soon, you will laugh your azz off.

Jennifer said...

What a cute piggy!!