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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guineas, Goats, and Pig

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was a fun action-pack thrill ride.

We decided since our Guineas are big enough not to be taken off by an eagle or hawk; to let them free range during the day. At first they were reluctant to have the entire property to roam and clear of insects but soon they caught on to protecting their turf. The boys and I made the discovery by accident one afternoon if you drive towards them; they all RUSH you like a mob while making a horrendous noise (supposedly to frighten off predators). HOWEVER, if you honk the horn at them they scatter back to safety. This just made Saenz & Zephyr howl with laughter because no matter how many times we drove towards them, honked and backed off the Guinea Gang would still do the same thing over and over; leading my scientific minded Saenz to say;



Obama my sweet but not too bright male Boer goat kept getting his rack stuck through a fence. No matter how you try, he is determined to hang himself through the fence. We have hung a double panel of chicken wire to keep Mr. Genius safe but, he figures out how to pull off the protective layer. Last time he got stuck, I tried to push is head down and back to release him to no avail. So, after an hour tug of war; I gave up and finished my bird rounds because they were STARVING. When I let the Guinea Gang out; they made a unified bee-line straight to where Obama was stuck & crying and let out this horrible noise like banshees laughing in the maw of Hell.

My educated wager was Obama could not stand the humiliation of being laughed out by the Guiena Gang and unstuck his own stubborn bright self.

Mr. Salad Fingers also disappeared for four hours and I was heart broken to think he was killed or taken off. After a long nap & a really hungry belly; he let us know he was under the house; unable to find his way out. Saenz basically started tearing the house apart to get him out. Wouldn't you know it, a hot dog got him close enough that Gil was able to grab his ear.

It's always an adventure here in Cow & Chicken Town.

As a family we are blessed with these beautiful creatures to take care of; and I would not change a thing.



Jennifer said...

What a hoot! Hilarious. I love the predictablitiy of animals. It always makes me smile.

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY SWEETIE, Long time no see. Hopy you have the computer issue resolved. Getting ready to put week 2 pictures up of our baby pig. See ya, Much Love