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Thursday, May 26, 2016

May's Primaries

Anyone having trouble relaxing tonight? Man, I am. I have from the beginning of this election campaign when Trump announced. I have always thought Trump was a 'mark' to hold the door open for the #GOP into the White House.

A few years ago Hubby & I joked during the 2011 #WHCD. -- "What if Trump does run to make sure #Clinton has a chance? Do y'all remember all the negative publicity Trump brought to the GOP bolstering the DNC as the 'sane party?' Because of the nonsense with the birther movement.

Hubby & I thought Trump would have a better chance than Romney as a national candidate. We talked about the idea of the DNC & RNC making a deal to get & keep both houses because there is more money to make there for corporations through repub-based legislation. Another plus would be the DNC taking a 3rd Dem Exec seat and later be known as a "save-face" after the economic crash.

We were only joking and making 'what ifs' as we watch Trump grin and bear the ribbing from those at the podium. Anyone could see Trump's wheels turning in his head.

Crazy thing is, we are not fans of Clinton. We both served our country during the Clinton era. No, thank-you because MrC compromised so much he was in the RNC pocket. Mrs is a ( Rep) in Dem disguise. She did not support many humanist goals I believe in as a voter. I told Nigel as my witness, I could not support her then. Sadly, I am still in that position along with hubby.

Things I don't support about Clinton
the woman card, voter fraud, MrC showing up at polling places, email, Iraq war, not supporting the min wage hikes, & ripping pages from Sanders campaign (I'll add more later)

Now with #Cruz dropping out after announcing his running mate in a weak attempt to garner more votes. We are stunned was he paid off or just 'suspend' so he could come in at a later time. #Kasich is suspiciously quiet after garnering what 8% in Indiana. Perhaps Priebus and deep pockets are scrambling now to work in a way to ensure a contested convention. Lets think about this folks, Cruz quit but why? This is what is running through my mind.

Any ideas because the Crap is definitely not funny anymore. I will leave you with Meat Ball's Ghost's tweet in 2012 & blame him/ her for putting 'Trump as Pres' into the Twitterverse.



S. J. Qualls said...

I don't want to get into a political debate, but I believe we will be damned with either one of them as Pres.

Cesar Crash said...

Hello, Mal, remember me?

Just came to say happy 2018 for you and your family!

Cheers from Brazil.