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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

    Isn't she lovely, this little dove is sitting two lovely little eggs next to one of our garden beds.  I found her nest while trimming a small tree along our fence line.  I really thought this nest would not survive the high winds so, I wove some branches to fortify the limbs she chose for nesting.  What a lucky find to help this momma.
     We have been busy this spring laying in three medium garden beds.  This year we are trying something different by just tilling long rows and leaving our grass alone in between the rows.  We chose to do this because of South Texas's drought, high winds, and soil erosion. 

     So far, we have corn as you can see Sarah holding the seedlings as well as: cucumbers, carrots, beets, radishes, cilantro, parsley, peppers, watermelon, pumpkins, zucchini, crooked neck squash, tomatoes, oregano, chives with plans to add more as we get the soil worked.  Also this spring we have added more fruit trees to our property: figs, two types of green grapes, muscadine (cowart grape), black berry, chili petins, five apple trees, peaches, blue berry, lemon, limes, and soon Queen Anne raspberries.  This morning hubby and I were surprised to find two fruit on one of our pomegranate trees; after two years of babying seems we may have gotten lucky this year.

     Next month will start our next academic school year.  We home school during the absolute horror of Texas's Fire Ball summers and take it easy during the fall and spring for gardening, fishing, and just to chill.  I haven't picked the curriculum for this year both Sarah and Zephyr will be 4th graders and Saenz will be doing a combo of 9th/10th grade.  How time flies around here.

     Hubby and I have been talking about building up our flock again plus adding some farm critters.  How I miss having goats, guineas, and pigs, to care for and watch.  It will be tough though because our neighbors allow their dogs to run free and this year we have lost 3 chickens to them in the passed month.  Yes, I am seriously considering using fire power to off them; I don't like killing someone's pet but, what other choice do we have?

     Our thoughts and prayers are with the families in Boston and West, Texas.   May you all find happiness in your slices of heaven this week.

     Well, I am off to change the water hose.......

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